Third World Health Diminished by Bad Research About Coconuts

Generations of families used coconut oil as a primary food source in many countries. As a key part of their diet, it was  accessible, healthy and affordable.  That all changed in the early 1980s. Scientists convinced us that saturated fats were ‘bad’, the cause of heart disease and obesity. Marketing machines convinced countries to give up coconut oil. 

The research harmed westernized nations and changed the way many poor countries ate.Taking their lead from western scientists many third world countries switched to imported, processed oils that were detrimental to their health.  People moved away from an oil that was healthy, tasty, available and a part of their culture. 

Countless families followed this advice and gave up coconut oil. This change damaged health and destroyed industries. People  paid for imported products instead of using healthier local options.   

The results? More obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. With this move to unhealthy fats, there was one sector that saw massive growth  – pharmaceuticals. As health deteriorated, drugs such as statins became a boom industry not just in North America but in poor countries too. 

New science  shows this information was wrong and motivated by economic gains. But, trying to convince people to change back to local coconut oil, is no easy process. 

Here is a link to an article  to learn more about how the war on saturated fats affected poor people…

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