Radical Beauty From The Kitchen to The Bathroom

Late in September 2016, Deepak Chopra released a new book. The book Radical Beauty is co-authored with Kimberly Snyder. It challenges you to rethink beauty.
Co-author, Kimberly Snyder, in an interview, discussed the notion of reconceptualizing beauty.
The question she brought forward was, what if beauty was what we put inside our bodies not just what we put on our face?  If products that help us look beautiful were products to nurture our insides. Could products in our kitchen be used in the bathroom as part of your beauty regime? Are there products on your bathroom shelf you would never put in your mouth? Shouldn’t the products you use on your skin be healthy to your body? If it’s going on your skin, it’s going into your body.
The interview was a reminder that coconut oil is such a product. Something you use in your kitchen and can use in your bathroom. Great for cooking and food, but also a boost for skin and mouth care. Why use chemical products when coconuts are great inside and out?

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