How to Make Coconut Soap

Using just three ingredients, you can make your own coconut soap.

Here is a video  by Heather Dessinger of that teaches how.

What type of soap?  You can make laundry, bath or face soap. It’s the same process. All that you need to do, is change the volume of the ingredients. For example, if you want to make laundry soap then put in less oil than you would for face soap.

There are two ways to make the soap. There is the hot press method and the cold press method.

Heather uses the hot press method. This method allows you to use the soap shortly after making it.  The cold press requires more time before the soap is ready.

The ingredients are few and the steps straightforward.

You do need to pay attention to safety especially when using lye. Not being familiar with lye I went on line and read up more on this. Lye is corrosive and can cause significant damage to internal organs, skin and eyes. Lye can pose a risk for humans (children) and pets.

  • Try to do it outside
  • Try not to breathe it in
  • You have to leave the mixture to sit for about 10 minutes but do not have it near pets or humans as it can be a hazard.

Following the steps can lead to you making your own soap in a short time.


A great tip that she shared was: cut the individual bars within a few hours of making the mixture. It hardens and then becomes quite difficult to cut. So as soon as you make it, cut it up in pieces.


Click here to watch the video.


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