Dr. Bruce Fife – Benefits of Coconut Oil

Here is a great introduction to the science behind coconut health.

In just 7 minutes Dr. Fife  gives you a clear understanding of the benefits of coconut oil.

Dr. Fife a giant in the field of coconut health, is the author of Coconut Oil Miracles. His book opened the eyes of the world to the benefits of coconut oil.

Dr. Fife worked in nutrition and it shocked him when he first heard that coconut oil was good fat.  He started investigating this, focussing on medical  studies. What he found out surprised  him, study after study showed the benefits of coconut oil. He then wrote the “Coconut Oil Miracles” to alert the world to this.


Some of the benefits  that Dr Fife identified includes:

·      protection  against heart disease

·      easing digestion 

·      helping to balance blood sugar levels especially helpful for diabetics

·      anticancer properties

·      antimicrobial properties which help to protect from infectious diseases

·      promotes good heart help

·      kills diseases caused by bacteria and fungus. 

·      use it for internal health 

·      can use it external health –  to get rid of any infections such as for nails – a nail fungus

·      use it for cuts or injuries, it will prevent bacteria from entering

·      excellent skin protector – oxidation causes you to have wrinkling on brown spots. Coconut oil acts as an antioxidant and blocks that type of activity. Your skin becomes way more supple and healthy

·      protects you from free radicals

To watch Dr Fife talk about the benefits of coconut oil click here.  

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