11 Things You May Not Know About Coconuts

IT’S USED AS MEDICINE IN MANY CULTURES.  Filipinos use coconuts to speed up the healing of burns, bruises, cuts and broken bones. In India, it is a treatment for respiratory conditions and a massage for newborn babies.  Indonesians treat wounds with coconut oil.  In New Guinea and Samoa it helps with sickness and injury. Central and South America use coconuts to nourish the ill back to health.


IT’S TRULY MULTI-PURPOSE.  In Malaysia and Indonesia, they call the coconut palm “pokok seribu guna”. This translates to “the tree of a thousand uses.”    In the Sanskrit texts of Ayurveda, it’s called “Kalpavriksha”  “the tree that provides everything necessary for life”.  A source of food, medicine, water, clothes, housing, crafts and even a floating device. Referred to as the Swiss Army knife of the plant kingdom.  We all know coconut oil, cream and milk. But beyond that is the coir, the stiff outer fiber, which is biodegradable, strong, dry rot resistant and is great insulation.  The coir makes  doormats, mattresses, rope  and bags. The palm makes great lumber and can burn like charcoal. The shell of the coconut  makes eating bowls, cups and plant holders.


COCONUT OIL WAS ONCE CONSIDERED TERRIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH.  Coconuts lost their place in our diet in the 80s, when we got fooled by the low fat craze and labeled it as unhealthy. In 1977 the US changed their dietary guidelines in a major way and the rest of the world was quick to follow. Scientists told us that a diet high in fat raises cholesterol levels in the blood. That it clogs up the coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart. That was wrong. People listened and took natural oils such as coconut out of their diets and started using transfats. This turned out to be disastrous as transfats create serious health hazards. Now people are waking up and coming back to natural oils such as coconut oil.


COCONUT OIL IS GREAT TO MAKE  TOOTHPASTE.  Using coconuts as part of your dental hygiene is a good idea. There are no harmful chemicals and prevents cavities. One easy way to make the paste is to add a few drops of coconut oil to baking soda until you have the right consistency. You can  add some essential oil to give the paste flavor.


IT’S A GENTLE EFFECTIVE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.  Many of our makeup removers use chemicals. What we put on  our eyes and face is disturbing. With coconut oil there is no skin irritation nor sting making it ideal for sensitive skin. Put a small amount on a cotton ball and dab around the eye. Then wash with your regular face soap. This works for waterproof mascara too.


GREAT IN COFFEE.  Read any  blog where they discuss coconut oil and there are comments from people using coconut oil in their coffee. Instead of milk or cream, coconut oil is a popular replacement. Coconut oil has a creamy taste and so creates a delicious and healthy alternative. Coconut oil is a good energy boost to your body.


IT IS AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR CANDIDA AND YEAST RELATED PROBLEMS.  Candida is a fungus that lives in your mouth and intestines. When it gets out of control, fatigue, weight gain and joint pain along with gas is next. For people with compromised immune systems candida can become life threatening. Monolaurin, found in  coconut oil, has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. This inhibits the growth of the fungus.


A TREATMENT FOR PETS WITH SKIN CONDITIONS.   Just as coconuts have health benefits for humans the same holds for your pet. Coconut oil can be applied on the skin or given for internal health.   It clears up eczema, is great for allergic reactions and gives a nice glossy coat. For humans and pets, you can aid digestion and help prevent infections. Watch your pet’s energy level improve. Wounds heal faster and if you have to give it internally, your pet will like the taste.


BUTTER FOR YOUR TOAST.  Coconut oil became popular not just as good in coffee but also for a spread for bread. It’s a better fat for your body. There isn’t the sugar that many breakfast spreads can have, your body digests it well and you get a quick boost of energy. It also tastes great.


. Coconut oil is part of the beauty regime in many cultures for both skin and hair.  Both easy to use and chemical free  this product goes directly into the strands of your hair and so has deep impact. Great for strengthening and preventing dandruff as well as helping split ends, hair loss and hair growth. But coconut oil also helps to tame frizzy hair.  Just a tiny drop massaged through your hair makes for a controlled and glossy looking head of hair.

How have you used coconuts or coconut oil?

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