How Coconut Oil Beautifies the Skin

There is plenty of talk out there in the blogosphere about how coconut oil benefits the skin. But how much of it is true and what is pure hype? In this piece we look at the real benefits and highlight the most valuable uses of coconut oil for human skin care.

Skin Care Defined

Skin care is as much about maintenance as it is improving and healing. Overall, there are five areas in skin care practices. All of these play a crucial role in supporting good skin integrity (whole, undamaged, and intact). Coconut oil can certainly help in some of these areas:

  1. Skin nutrition
  2. The proper use of emollients (exfoliation, cosmetics, etc)
  3. Skin cleansing
  4. Skin hydration
  5. Excessive sun avoidance

Topical applications of a quality coconut oil have shown favorable results in lab trials. Scientists discovered that the oil healed damaged skin faster than skin left to heal naturally [1].

How Coconut Oil Skin Care Works

Coconut oil can work at beautifying your skin in a number of ways via topical and oral applications. Both methods can help to replenish oils and hydrate the skin.

Some of the Skin Care Applications for Coconut Oil

According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who is a board certified nutritionist/dermatologist, both coconut oil and coconut water are potent skin cleansers when applied in the right way at the right amounts. Both do a great job at mimicking the skin’s natural oils. It’s no surprise then that a quality coconut oil has so many wonderful benefits for treating human skin types and conditions.

Biochemist and physiologist Ray Peat, Ph.D, also has something to say on the subject. He explains that studies on humans show how the amount of “unsaturated” oils in regular diet affects the ageing process. In actual fact, they have a notable effect on the rate at which wrinkled skin develops [3].

Whether you just want to maintain already beautiful skin, or treat certain skin conditions, think coconuts. You certainly want to look at how coconut oil can help before you invest in harsh, costly over the counter skin care products.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the lesser known potential benefits of this tropical super oil:

  • Treatment for acne (dry skin and pimples)
  • Other skin problems (eczema, rosacea, Keratosis pilaris and psoriasis)
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Sun protection
  • Under-arm protection (as an effective deodorant)

Coconut oil helps with conditions like overly dry skin and eczema in a few ways. It strengthens the skin and helps it to retain moisture. It also reduces inflammation with its antibacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. The oil contains caprylic acid too, which does a great job at preventing flaking and itching. It also helps to prevent the infection from spreading to other areas.

You can also use coconut oil to detoxify the body. This is an increasingly popular way to cleanse human skin without any unpleasant side effects. It’s the great advantage of using natural products as they’re not carcinogenic and nor do they contain toxic chemicals. Quite often, the skin absorbs unnatural additives into the bloodstream, and that’s not good. Harmful toxins are not an issue, though, when using pure coconut oils.


The Coconut Oil Detox

Detoxifying your skin with coconut oil could not be simpler. Those who have tried it swear by the process. Many report that the detox produces even better results than those costly skin lotions and creams sold in the high street. Cold pressed coconut oil is the top choice for a skin detox. Like most detoxes, the best results come about by a period of fasting. A detox can last anywhere from three to seven days, though longer fasts are not recommended for the inexperienced [2].

The simple and effective coconut detoxification routine looks something like this:

  • Replace regular food with pure coconut oil for the duration of the detox
  • Start the day with two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Take 1-2 tbsp. throughout the day as desired
  • Do not exceed more than 14 tablespoons of oil in any given day

You can either take the oil neat or add it to some warm lime or lemon water if you want to. Follow through with this natural detox to gain a plethora of impressive health benefits in addition to improved skin. Some of the detox advantages include:

  • Removes toxins from inside your mouth and body
  • Fungal infections and candida
  • Bad breath or dental cavities
  • Stabilizes digestive disorders like IBS and leaky gut syndrome
  • Helps to combat certain viruses such as herpes and influenza

Skin care is just one of the many applications for quality coconut oil. If you want to discover all that it can do to improve life, please bookmark the site and visit often. We regularly update these pages with news, science and products as they come out.

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